#1 Pink and Proud

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  • January 26, 2017
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TNG Blogpost #1

Rose wine is a bit naff, no? Far from it I hear you bellow, Rose wine is the drink to be seen enjoying this English summer. But it’s the colour of your Rose that matters. Gone are the days of deeply coloured sweet and sticky wines that are more than half way to being a red wine in colour, and laced with more sugar than Haribo.

Nowadays it’s all about anaemic and pale rose, salmon pink, with a hint of ear lobe.

No really, the colour of your Rose matters.
Its all down to those Provencal wine makers who have nailed the pale rose style, in fact so much so that almost everyone else it trying to usurp them.
From 100% Pinot Noir wines from Marlborough New Zealand, to complete Garnacha wines coming out of Rioja, the message is the paler the better. Some are so light you can mistake them in the glass for white.

But what about fruit flavour, you know from the grapes. Well the grape varieties used are actually fruity little numbers, and when handled with kid gloves, can provide rose petal, raspberry and sublime juicy summer red fruits. In fact most winemakers seem able to manage this balance with aplomb. Maybe its anew understanding on the techniques involved ( which are like witchcraft ) but there does seem to be a worldwide understanding of delicate rose now.

What about the people drinking these wines? That’s where you come in.
The UK public are lapping it up, actually more like glugging it up, as quantities of Rose being sold are on the up and up. Some darker Roses still sneak into the mixed case, but 95% of it is the Provencal delicate style.  And Provence are still very much in charge of the top spot for prestige and presence. A cheeky pretender from a neighbouring vineyard strictly outside the Provence area can pick up huge sales quantities, but one you’ve had the real deal there’s no way back.

Size also matters ( yep ‘fraid so )
If you produce your wine in a Magnum or larger format bottle, then it’s Rose for all as these wines form the centre piece from a friends BBQ to full on “get the best crockery out” dinner party.
I mean who can resist 6 Litres of Rose?!

And for those of you who can think back and remember Rose in its 70’s form there is good news.
You can also use traditional Provence wine bottle as a snazzy lamp base, it’ll be just like the old days.

Except the wine is sublime and delicate and wonderful and refined and…