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  • July 29, 2017
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Fancy a glass of Fizz? First two wines that come to mind are Prosecco and Champagne.
But in between the gulf of prices and styles is a wine that not many discover. The French call these wines Cremant. They are wines that are made in the style and method of Champagne but as they don’t originate from the Champagne region, they cannot bear the name itself.

Cremant wines are grown across France and once you’ve got past the first step of trying something different, you will soon find yourself searching for different Cremant wines.

My go to wine is the Les Cordeliers Exclusive Cremant de Bordeaux. The story behind the wine is what hooked me in, and upon first tasting it I was delighted.
The vineyard is in the heart of the Medieval city of St Emilion, where the vines nestle amongst the 13th Century cloisters. The grapes are handpicked to ensure only the finest ripest grapes are selected.  These Semillon grapes, with glowing lemon coloured skins create a wine with a gentle acidity, wide open soft fruit palate and just the gentlest of sparkle in the glass. Very fine, very elegant.

There is a clear lack of acidic punch and intensity that is found in Champagne and this is all the better in my view. It makes this fizz an easier and more refreshing style similar to the wide appeal of Prosecco.

Having recommended this wine for a few years now, it continues to gain fans on a weekly basis, so next time you need some fizz, why not seek out this gorgeous Cremant wine.

Les Cordeliers Exclusive, Cremant de Bordeaux, France £17.99ea.