If your going to do it, do it properly. That’s our mentality when it comes to our Real Ale and Imported Lager range.

Real Ales
We have great pride in bringing local hand made beers to our discerning customers. In fact we continually break new ground and find the latest and most enjoyable microbrewery beer to adorn our shelves. No brand name Ales interest us, its all about the local producer and their unique take on this most noble of drinks.
We have two price ranges, 4 for £10 and 4 for £12 and we are sure you will find something to satisfy in our selection.

Imported Lagers
We stock a wide and funky range of ‘proper’ lager from across the globe. Pretty much all our lagers are brewed in their country of origin and shipped to the UK. This ensures these products have a taste of their home, which simply cannot be replicated. We’ve got funky IPA from Japan, pale ale from Iceland and summer lager from California. With over 35 in stock and all chilled, refreshment is just a bottle opener away!