Managing Director.
Tall dark and brooding, Simon is the engine driving The Naked Grape. He tastes every wine before buying to ensure it fits our very high standards. If Simon wouldn’t be happy drinking the wine at home, it doesn’t get listed! With over 18 years Retail Management experience, he has a keen eye for creative product displays and sales ideas. Simon has been an Associate Judge at the IWSC, has attained and educated the WSET Diploma, and has conducted a huge number of tasting events, both in the UK and in Europe.

Wine of choice: Champagne
Driving style: Fast
Motto: Never follow the crowd.
Ambition: To be a DJ

General Manager.
Born on the 4th July, George has a strong work ethic. A small town girl made good in the big smoke, she knows what she wants and gets it. A keen eye on procedures and practices, nothing gets past her exacting standards. Trained in Applied Biology and Animal Management, she is well placed to control the Team at The Naked Grape. George is most comfortable juggling many tasks and she excels when pushed to the limit.

Wine of Choice: Everything
Driving Style: get out of my way
Ambition: To own a red Lotus Elise
Motto: I love oliver Stone.

Wine Advisor and Tech
Warren treats his love of wine and computers in equal measure. ( but wine wins really! ) His skills of food and wine matching are also extensive, with a speciality in Bordeaux and Cheese combinations.
A clear eye for detail, Warren loves to recommend wines that you may not have had before.

Drink of Choice: Top Growth Bordeaux
Driving Style: Maturing
Ambition: To set up all his Record Players
Motto: Never give up

Wine Advisor
Whilst bringing a level head and confident role to the team, Claudia is also somewhat of an idea factory.
Ask her for one idea, and she’ll give you 6! Some of our key PR ideas have been a Claudia’s brainchild and she’s got plenty more. Ask her to recommend a wine and she’ll show you her skills in food and wine matching.
Don’t however ask her opinion of Whey suppliments during intensive Workout programmes!

Drink of Choice: Champagne
Driving Style: Why drive when you can ride?
Ambition: To get her Husband to build their own house.
Motto: That’s affirmative.

Wine Advisor
David has a love of Language and all things musical so our tasting notes are a thing of great creation. You’ll find him recommending wines from his favourite regions like Abruzzo and Piedmonte in Italy and Cataluyna in Spain, whilst keeping a keen eye on our Organic and Biodynamic wines. If you want info on the Rock n Roll gods of the past, he’s your man!

Drink of Choice: Bardolino
Driving Style: He loves the Bus.
Ambition: To play the Cajon with Jimmy Page.
Motto: It will all come good

Wine Advisor
Heather has years of experience in the wine world, from vineyard and winery experience to running wine tastings, and managing stock. Based in Hungerford, Heather’s local contacts are vital to increasing the number of people who realise The Naked Grape is their No.1 wine shopping location. Her love of 90’s Dance music keeps the shop grooving when shes at work.

Drink of Choice: Tequila
Driving Style: Italian
Ambition: that all the stock on the till is spot on, all the time!
Motto: Lets do it.

With a fascination on doing things well, Chris adds a great way of thinking to the Team. Mainly charged with the logistical movements of stock with the company, Chris also appears in the shops, at our seasonal events and also at our wine tastings.

Drink of Choice: Spanish Tempranillo
Driving Style: Easy does it
Ambition: I’d like to teach the world to sing
Motto: Croissants for all.